5 Must Have Tools For Your Shopify Store

eCommerce is the hot topic these days with more and more consumers moving to online purchases.  The level of trust has increased and also the desire for convenience is top priority.  Let’s face it, with so many activities going on in our lives we really want to order something from our favorite site and move along.

If you are a small brick and mortar business then the timing couldn’t better for growing your business online.  An online store can add a lot to your bottom line for minimal investment and ongoing costs.

So How Do We Build An eCommerce Empire?

5 Tools That Will Make Your eCommerce Business Fly Like An Eagle

If you are running an online store you know it can be a daunting task with all the different options available to you online.  Where do you start?  Etsy?  Shopify? Ebay Store? Amazon Store?   The options are endless.

Once you decide on your platform you’ll start to notice there are so many “add-on” options to help you monetize your store, plugin after plugin after plugin.

For the purpose of this post we’ll focus on Shopify and how I’ve grown one of my stores to over $20,000 a month by using some pretty slick automation tools and plugins to take the heavy lifting off my shoulders.

1.  Abandonment Protector:  Cart abandonment is a big issue with eCommerce.  You spend money on paid traffic to get them to your site only to realize that most people add to cart and never purchase.  If you can get your conversions between 1%-4% then you are doing incredibly well.  Abandonment Protector keeps track of who ads to cart and what product they add to cart.  Abandonment Protector will then send out follow up emails reminding the customer that they have left their cart open and should return to finish their checkout.  Abandonment Protector has three follow up emails they send out.  You can set the content included in the follow up to say whatever you want.  For anyone that abandons cart I usually send out a courtesy reminder within 10 minutes of them leaving the site.  Then wait 24 hours to send the next.  On the second email I’ll make them a “half off shipping” offer if they’ll return to the site and finish their order.  On the third and final email I offer them ” free shipping ” or I will remind them of the “half off shipping” offer.  Your choice.

The beauty of this is that Abandonment Protector is doing all he heavy lifting for you and working in the background while you “sleep” or work on other tasks.  You can see Abandonment Protector by clicking here.

2.  Unlimited Upsell:  A lot of eCommerce store owners are leaving money on the table by not using up-sells on their stores.  When you have a buyer with products in the cart why not offer them some related products?  Most store owners don’t take the time to do it but if you’ve ever ordered from Amazon you’ll see that even they do it. I’ve noticed an uptick in orders with multiple, related items purchased.  Simply the coolest (and least expensive) plugin out there for up-sells.  Easy to configure and set up.  Comes with awesome tracking too.  You can see it here.

3.  Lucky Orange for Shopify:  Wow!  If you’ve ever wondered what your customers are doing on your site then Lucky Orange is the tool you want to get to spy on them while they are clicking around. LO records your visitors in real time and you can play back each visitor actions via video.  What you can learn is invaluable.   

Here is an example that happened to me.  By default, when you set up your Shopify store most themes come with a “login” or “create an account” at the top right of the theme.  Ditch that thing as soon as possible.  With Lucky Orange for Shopify I was able to see recordings of visitors attempting to click on those buttons at the top, get frustrated then leave the site.  I think the visitors believed they had to set up an account before they could order.  It was throwing my sales off BIG TIME.  So, if you have that on any of your stores get rid of it.  It was with the power of Lucky Orange for Shopify I was able to see this. Without it I would have never known.

Also with Lucky Orange for Shopify it comes with a nice “Live Chat” feature.  I keep this chat feature turned on during the day so I can answer any questions my customers may have.  This also helps with sales as well as sometimes people have one question they want answered before they purchase and that extra little help gets them to buy.  I think it gives them comfort knowing someone is there to help. Click here to see Lucky Orange.

4.  InkFrog – Shopify To Ebay:  Pretty cool plugin here if you want to automate your listings on your Shopify store and push them over to Ebay with no problem at all.  InkFrog serves as the “middle man” between your shopify store and Ebay.  InkFrog will pull your items from your store, host them in an easy to use interface and then push them over to Ebay for you.  Pretty cool tool for anyone wanting to list their products on Ebay but have found that doing them one at a time can be cumbersome.  See InkFrog here.

5.  Automate Content To Your Facebook Pages:  Once you have your store up and running you’ll need to keep your Facebook pages populated with fresh content and that takes forever with the Facebook scheduler.  That’s why we created Social Post Pilot.  After months of frustration using other tools we decided to build an all encompassing tool to handle the heavy lifting for us. There are a lot of Facebook marketing softwares on the market and choosing one can be daunting.  In all fairness there are other tools out there such as PostPlanner, Hootsuite and Social Poster that do similar things but none offer all the features and flexibility as Social Post Pilot.

With Social Post Pilot we’ve made it to where it is a “set it and forget it tool”.  We can now populate our pages up to 24 times a day with images, products from Amazon, Videos from YouTube and an unlimited amount of RSS content feeds from other sources that will help our customers on our FB page.

Social Post Pilot also has a giveaway feature that will allow you to host unlimited “giveaways or contests” for your customers.  Simply pick your giveaway, upload to SPP and you can start driving traffic to your page.

Social Post Pilot integrates with Aweber, GetResponse and Send Reach.  Easy peasy to integrate.

Plus, we offer a 7 day free trial and we’ll throw in a free setup call to help you get started. 

What do you have to lose?

I hope this helps you with your eCommerce ventures.  If you have any questions feel free to email us by clicking here.

What are you using in your eCommerce Stores that helps you with automation? Leave us a comment.